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Preventative AC Maintenance Plan:
35 Point Check & Clean


$39.99      ($79 Value)


Our 35 Point Inpection Check is an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan* that includes a complete check up to insure we MAXIMIZE THE LIFE OF YOUR SYSTEM and make it PERFORM AT ITS BEST EFFICIENCY. 

*Heat Pump, Mini-Split and Furnace Systems are also serviced under our 35 Point Check & Clean Preventative Maintenance.

We check the following:


  1. Electronic Connections
  2. Refrigerant Charge
  3. Supply Air Temperature
  4. Air Filters
  5. Check all bearings
  6. Electrical Controls
  7. Thermostat
  8. Reversing Valve Operation
  9. Blower Wheel
  10. Controls & Safety Devices
  11. Evaporator Coil
  12. Compressor Crankcase Heater
  13. Outside Condenser Coil
  14. Voltages and Amperage
  15. Condensate Pan & Line
  16. Leak Detection on Condenser Coil
  17. Leak Detection on Evaporator Coil
  18. Compressor Performance
  1. Compressor Ratio
  2. Suction Line Temperature
  3. Liquid Line Temperature
  4. Impedance of Capacitors
  5. Filter Dryer Checked for Rust and Leaks
  6. Inspection behind the Control Board for ants
  7. Measure Line Voltage to Compressor
  8. Contactor Checker for pitting.
  9. Breakers that Power the Unit
  10. Control Board
  11. Electric Heat Grade
  12. TXV Operation
  13. Temperature Split
  14. Defrost Cycle
  15. Humidity Removal
  16. Air flow From Vents
  17. Holes or leaks in duct work.

AC Duct Cleaning &
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Ductwork Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning AC Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating

AC Duct Cleaning:

Another air conditioner service we offer is our thorough air ductwork cleaning. This process removes dust, dirt and allergens from your duct system for better air quality and health for your family. Over time the air duct system in your home can become encrusted with particle layers of dust, mold, fungi and even bacteria. Our specialized equipment ensures proper removal. To finalize this process, we include an antimicrobial treatment to disinfect the air ducts. We also offer Indoor Air Quality Products for improving the quality of the air your breath every day.

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

A clean dryer vent saves on energy, drying time and removes a possible fire hazard to your home. Our equipment unclogs those difficult and hard to reach dryer vents.


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