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RHEEM 2 Speed Sale $6,995*


3 Ton RHEEM 2 Speed Heat Pump Installed: 
14.3 SEER2 – 10 Year Warranty - 2 year Labor Warranty

New Equipment Pad – Thermostat – Drain Switch – Remove old system

* While supplies last, offer until 4-30-2024. All prices subject to change depending upon unexpected price increases from manufacturers due to current world events

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Rheem Heat Pump Condenser (Outside Unit)

  • HVAC Installation Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating Fairhope AL14.3 SEER2
  • 10 year parts and compressor warranty when registered
  • 2 year Labor Warranty from Sweat Cool
  • 2 thru 5 tons
  • Scroll compressor on all models
  • Suction line accumulator factory installed
  • Integrated solid state defrost control
  • High and Low pressure switches
  • Liquid line drier 
  • Painted cabinet finished over galvanized steel

AC Installation Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating Fairhope ALRheem Air Handler (Inside Unit)

  • All Aluminum Tube and Aluminum Fin Evaporator Coil
  • High efficiency ECM, 3 speed motor
  • 10 year Manufacturers parts warranty
  • 2 year Labor Warranty from Sweat Cool
  • Quiet blower
  • TXV metering device factory installed
  • Brass fittings on drain fittings
  • 1” thick insulation with R value of 4.2

Here at Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating we are pleased to offer these Huge Discounts on HVAC systems fully installed. We do whatever it takes to guarantee our customers are happy with the air conditioning installation services we provide. We have convenient scheduling options to fit your lifestyle. 

Be sure to ask about our Indoor Air Quality Products.


We Finance

We offer several financing options to make it easier to afford a new Air Conditioning and Heating System.

You can call us at (251) 210-8792 for the details or you can click on one of the options below to get approval right now. Fill in your information to get an immediate response.

Traditional Installment Loan*

*Credit and loans provided by Regions Bank d/b/a EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (650 South Main St. Suite 1000, Salt Lake City, UT 84101) on approved credit, for a limited time. 8.99% to 14.99% fixed APR, subject to change. Minimum loan amounts apply. Interest starts accruing when funds are disbursed. Repayment terms vary from 12 to 144 months. Actual loan term may be shorter if less than the full approved amount of credit is used. First monthly loan payment due 30 days after funds are disbursed.


SAVE on HVAC Installations at Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating




We are always available to provide you with a free quote and calculate a manual J load, which is required by state code to insure your system is sized correctly.  We can make sure you have good options to pick from and inspect your home and duct system so there are no surprises.

*these installations include:

  • Emergency drain pan
  • New thermostat
  • Emergency cutoff switch
  • New pad for the condenser (outside)
  • Nitrogen flow during brazing
  • Clear drain line
  • New drain trap
  • Seal new air handler to existing plenum (duct work

90% of the time units are in closets or in the attic and are accessible.  If they are on a roof there are usually stairs and a door to access it.  The duct work or trunk line is easily accessible, so it can be checked for leaks but does not need to be replaced.  We have added a few exceptions to cover the installs that are out of the norm.

*these installations do not include:

  • Replacing the existing duct work
  • Installing a new duct work system
  • Installing a unit under a house in a tight crawl space
  • Installing a unit on a high platform or where a crane or lift will be required.
  • We reserve the right to turn down any job

**as low as prices are dependent on approved credit and  number of months financed

AC Installation

New High Efficiency Heat Pump and Furnace Systems

Financing is available on all new units.

Home AC Installation Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating Fairhope ALOur commitment to our community is to make the highest SEER, or highest efficiency heating and cooling systems affordable. We offer high discounts and financing, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of low power bills and the highest level of comfort. Breathing clean conditioned air makes you feel better too!

Sweat Cool is pricing


What makes a great install of a new system?

Furnace Installation Sweat Cool Air Conditioning and Heating Fairhope AL

Many things go into a perfect install. They don’t happen by accident. Over the years, I have gone behind poor-quality installs when the homeowner could not get the original company to make good on its word. Here are some of the things you might find:

Has a heating and cooling load been calculated for your home? It is called a Manual J calculation that includes all the materials, windows, attic space, insulation, duct system, etc. Manual J is required by local code and any utility rebates. These calculations are compared to the performance data for the system you chose. Every system has different BTU sensible and latent ratings depending on the model numbers of the inside and outside units. If you are not careful, you will end up buying a system that is not quite large enough to keep you cool or a system that is too large and doesn’t run long enough to remove humidity.

Nitrogen gas needs to flow through the copper line sets while they are being brazed together, connecting the various parts of the system. At high brazing temperature, a heavy black oxide forms (cupric oxide). On cooling this oxide flakes off to form “scale.” Inside the tubing, the oxide flakes are carried by the refrigerant through the system. This contaminant can restrict flow through small orifices, such as metering devices or the pilot valve capillary tube in a reversing valve.

A deep vacuum needs to be pulled on the system using a powerful evacuation pump. Nitrogen, oxygen and moisture are in the open tubing of the line set and evaporator coil. You must pull a deep vacuum to remove these gases and boil off the moisture. All vacuum pumps are not the same. A cheap, worn-out pump with dirty oil will not be effective. If the moisture and non-condensable materials are not removed, they reduce the cooling capacity, cooling ability and can damage the new compressor.          

We inspect the duct work with a thermal imaging camera to ensure that no air is being pushed into the attic or unconditioned spaces, wasting energy and making a fertile place for biologics to grow. Also make sure that unconditioned air is not being sucked into the system from an unsealed plenum, causing a high load on the system and introducing unfiltered air into your home.