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Emergency Service just $25, which includes diagnosing the problem. No hidden fees!

Often an HVAC repair is minor. Maybe a small component needs to be reset or a connection needs tightened. This is why we offer an affordable $25 service call that includes diagnosing the exact heating and cooling repair issue with your system. Never pay a company by the hour to look at your system, which usually costs $89 minimum for one hour. We believe this is a recipe for overpaying for just a basic cooling repair.

We use the latest diagnostic equipment to fix your air conditioner repair correctly the first time and we are committed to helping you get the full life of your system affordably.

All repairs are guaranteed for 2 years, no exception. Schedule your appointment today by calling (251) 210-8792!


What Makes a Great Service Call—Don’t Throw Your Money Away!

  • Make a wise investment when getting your system fixed.
  • Never pay by the hour.
  • Always understand the logic of the recommended heating or ac repair.
  • Never be afraid to ask to see the problem component.
  • Make sure the repair and part is warrantied for at least 2 years.
  • Only use a licensed, bonded and insured heating and air conditioning contractor.
  • If you must have refrigerant added every year, you have a leak somewhere in your system. It is important to find it and fix it if possible or replace the part that is leaking.
  • If you have a leak in your inside component (air handler) or evaporator coil, you are breathing in the refrigerant. It is heavier than air and it’s in your home or office.  This is an EPA-regulated chemical that is unhealthy to breathe, it can be toxic and you may have an allergic reaction to it.