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  • If you have to have refrigerant added every year, you have a leak somewhere in your system. It is important to find it and fix it if possible or replace the part that is leaking.
  • If you have a leak in your inside component (air handler) or evaporator coil, you are breathing in the refrigerant that is heavier than air and is in your home or office. This is an EPA-regulated chemical that is unhealthy to breath, it is toxic, and you may have an allergic reaction. Call us if you think you are having this problem. We will come out at no charge to test your coil and piping in your indoor unit if you are concerned.
  • Chlorofluorocarbons

The Gas and Go

If you need refrigerant added to your system, then you probably have a leak somewhere that is allowing the refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. The gas is under high pressure, and every area should be tested for weakness. If a company comes to your home and the technician adds refrigerant but doesn’t conduct a free leak check to find and fix the leak, this is called a “Gas and Go.” 

The company just likes selling you refrigerant. That’s easy. Finding and repairing a leak can be much harder. Rather than throwing your money away on shoddy practices, you need to know that 70 percent of the time you are breathing the refrigerant that is leaking. 

Many people are allergic to the chemical and can display different symptoms. We aren’t medical professionals, but it makes sense that inhaling refrigerant would have an effect. Since the refrigerants are heavier than air, they sink down to where you and your family breathe. 

Don't Get Scammed

Don’t let a sloppy tech kill your system. There has been a reckless trend of using old dirty refrigerant collected from other systems that were changed out. They typically have moisture, old oil and contaminants from the old worn out or burned systems. They paid nothing for this refrigerant and make pure profit when they sell it to you for $69 to $99 per pound.

Watch for a refrigerant jug that is yellow on top and gray on bottom. Ask questions! If you feel uncomfortable with the answers you get, stop the repair or service and end your involvement with the company. This practice is illegal and carries a $10,000 fine for every instance by a company.

Having a technician add the wrong refrigerant to your system will cause the compressor oil to jellify and kill your compressor in short order. If you have ever had your system charged up and then it soon dies and turns into an expensive repair, this could have happened to you.

We are committed to helping you to get the maximum life that your system was designed to get.

Bad, unethical practices will cut that working life short or cause needless, expensive repairs.